Although hearing aids do not “cure” hearing loss, they can help most people with impaired hearing. By improving your ability to listen and communicate more easily, they decrease the difficulties and frustrations associated with hearing loss.

Advanced Technology

Each new generation of hearing aid technology continues to evolve and improve. Modern hearing devices can automatically handle a variety of listening situations, and can be customized for your specific needs. By digitizing incoming sounds and applying a built-in formula for processing speech, today’s digital hearing aids are able to reduce the interference of background noise.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids are available in a variety of styles. Each possesses unique characteristics that make it most effective for specific types of hearing loss. The type of device you choose is a very important part of finding a solution that meets your needs. We’ll gladly help you choose the best device for your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

As a privately owned practice, we have the freedom to offer hearing aids from many of the world’s leading manufacturers, including:

  • Widex
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Siemens
  • Unitron
  • ReSound
  • Rexton

Based on the results of your hearing evaluation, we will tell you if either or both of your ears will be likely to benefit from amplification. Two hearing aids will generally be recommended to help you hear better in background noise and to help you locate the source of sounds around you.

Before ordering your hearing aids, we will discuss all of your options and assist you in choosing the devices that will work best for you.