At Leesburg Family Hearing, serving the Leesburg, Virginia area, we provide a variety of hearing solutions, including the latest in hearing aid technology.

Hearing aids have undergone a huge makeover in the past few decades. If you still think of the large, clunky devices your grandparents used to wear and the annoying, high-pitched feedback they produced, think again. Many of today’s hearing aids rely on digital technology to reduce the feedback and other annoyances common to users of older models.

Digital hearing aids have capabilities that make them far superior to their analog counterparts. When you visit our Leesburg office, we’ll show you the various digital features available, including:

  • Feedback Reduction: Feedback was one of the biggest complaints among hearing aid users for decades. Those unpredictable, annoying squeals were why many people who needed hearing aids refused to wear them. Feedback reduction changes all that. If you’ve been resisting hearing aids because you don’t want to experience feedback, digital hearing aids are your answer.
  • Noise Reduction: Digital Noise Reduction processing helps reduce background noises and improves your hearing aid’s speech recognition. It works best for noises at a constant decibel level.  They are sometimes recommended for use with directional microphones.
  • Digital Speech Enhancement: Hearing background noises is great, but the main reason you’re considering hearing aids is probably so you can better hear people speak. Hearing aids with DSE systems increase the intensity of some segments of speech so you can hear them more clearly.
  • Signal Generators: Your hearing aid can help your audiologist fit it to your exact specifications. Signal generators create and process sound to perform loudness growth and threshold testing to help fit your hearing aid to your evolving hearing loss.

As digital hearing aids becoming more popular, their capabilities continue to expand. There are a lot of features to choose from, but our expert audiologists will help you select the ones that work best for your specific hearing loss. If you’re in the Leesburg area, stop in to Leesburg Family Hearing to see our digital hearing aids.