When you want a durable hearing aid that still gives you performance, check out Unitron’s full line of hearing aids. IP ratings measure the performance of a hearing aid when exposed to dust or water, and all of Unitron’s hearing aids have excellent IP ratings. The Era platform models Moxi² Dura and Quantum² S are rated IP67, meaning they are waterproof and perform even in the worst conditions. All other Unitron Era platform BTEs are rated IP57, meaning they are water resistant, so if you should get caught in the rain or drop your instrument in a sink, it will still perform perfectly after it has thoroughly dried.


The newest Unitron RIC model, the Moxi, is totally redesigned for a perfect balance of function and style. Coming in a variety of designer and natural colors, the Moxi Fit, Moxi Kiss and Moxi Dura utilize our new SoundNav technology that automatically identifies and customizes sound for seven different environments, including four conversation types. Moxi Fit uses a 312 battery for push button and telecom operation. The Moxi Kiss also uses a 312 battery and features fully automatic performance, and the Moxi Dura gives reliable, durable performance with a 13 battery for power.


The Quantum2 line brings you super durability in the BTE Quantum2 S, with push buttons and telecom operation. The Quantum 2 HP is the high power model with push button, volume control and telecom. Both utilize a hard-working 13 battery and our special SpeechZone 2 technology. This allows reliable hearing for conversations in even the noisiest environment by using spatial binaural processing that gives 360º speech detection. You will clearly hear talking from any direction, making conversations easier to hear and understand.


At Leesburg, our audiologists will be happy to demonstrate all of the quality Unitron hearing aids and help you select one that’s right for you. Visit our office in Leesburg, Virginia and learn more about the quality hearing aids from Unitron.