Our policy at Leesburg Family Hearing is to sell hearing aids on a one-month trial basis. During this time, you may return your devices for a refund or exchange them for another hearing aid style or model.

If hearing aids are returned for a refund, a hearing aid fitting fee will be subtracted from your refund. The fitting fee is $175 for one hearing aid and $250 for two hearing aids.

After your hearing aid fitting, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment in one to two weeks to be sure you’re not having any difficulty with your hearing aids and to make any necessary adjustments. There is no charge for follow-up hearing aid checks.

The exact cost of your hearing aids depends upon the technology level you purchase. In general, budget digital hearing aids are about $1,000 each. Mid-level digital hearing aids are about $1,600 each, and premium digital hearing aids are about $2,500 each.

When purchasing a new hearing aid is not an option, reconditioned used behind-the-ear hearing aids are available for $400-500 each.

All hearing aids are sold with a two-year repair warranty and at least one year of loss and damage insurance.