Are you hearing as well as you should be? At Leesburg Family Hearing, we offer a wide variety of hearing tests to determine the type and severity of your hearing loss and develop a treatment plan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

On your first visit, we’ll discuss your family history, work environment, and other factors that may have impacted your hearing. Then we’ll conduct a variety of hearing tests including:

Otoscopic exams: An otoscope is an instrument used to look into the ear canal. During the exam, we’ll use the otoscope to examine the anatomy of the outer ear and ear drum and check for debris including compacted earwax, which could cause hearing loss. As putting foreign objects in your ears can cause damage, you should avoid cotton-tipped swabs and ear candling and let our trained experts remove impacted ear wax.

Tympanometry: This evaluation tests the middle ear using air pressure. It also tests ear pressure and the conductivity of the bones in the ear. When paired with pure tone audiometry, it provides your audiologist with a fuller picture of your hearing loss.

Pure tone (air and bone) testing: This audiological examination is a behavioral test that measures the faintest tones you can hear. You are ushered into a soundproof booth where sounds are played, usually through headphones, and you report which you can hear. Your audiologist records the results.

Speech and word recognition testing: For this hearing test, you will remain inside the booth and listen to common words played through the headphones, reporting to the audiologist what you heard.
After the hearing evaluations, we’ll consult with you about the type and severity of your hearing loss and suggest the hearing aid or manufacturer best suited to your specific type of hearing loss.

Tinnitus treatment: Tinnitus is characterized by ringing in the ears when no other sound is present. We’ve all experienced some form of it after exposure to loud noises, like during a concert. Prolonged tinnitus that requires medical attention affects about 10 to 15% of adults and can make it hard to concentrate, hear speech, or even just relax.

At Leesburg Family Hearing, we offer Widex Zen therapy, which uses a series of chimelike tones to minimize the contrast between the buzzing in your ears and the sounds occurring in your environment, making the buzzing less noticeable and helping you to relax. It’s available in our Leesburg, Virginia office, or right in your hearing aids when you choose newer Widex models.