When you buy hearing aids from the audiologists at Leesburg Family Hearing, you’re getting so much more than your devices. Because we’re committed to your total hearing health, we ensure your hearing aids work their best for you.

Hearing aids purchased from our office in Leesburg,Virginia come with audiological expertise and added care you won’t get in a big box store.

Here’s some ways we make sure you’ll love your hearing aids:

Specific hearing aid styles work best for different types and severities of hearing loss. That’s why we perform a variety of hearing tests to determine which hearing aid is best for your type, as well as your lifestyle and budget.

Custom fitting
We want to make sure your hearing aids are comfortable for years to come, because they can’t help you if you don’t wear them. So we fit your hearing aids to your unique ear shape to ensure they’ll stay put and you’ll barely notice them as you go about your daily activities.

Your hearing aid must be tuned to fit your exact level of hearing loss. And because your hearing loss could worsen over time, regular programming from our expert audiologists will keep them working at their peak.

Near Leesburg, Ashburn, or Sterling, Virginia? Stop in and experience our hearing aid fitting and programming services first hand. Trust your hearing to an expert - come in for a hearing test today.