Hearing aids are a worthwhile investment of time and money. At Leesburg Family Hearing, our follow-up hearing aid services are designed to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. Our commitment to your hearing aid maintenance and repair lasts for the life of your devices. We offer a variety of comprehensive hearing aid services to ensure long lasting performance and help you get the most out of your devices.

When you first purchase your devices, our hearing aid experts will teach you how to care for them at home, but we recommend quarterly visits to our Leesburg, Virginia office for hearing aid maintenance services including:

  • Hearing Aid Checks: Your hearing aids are complex and sensitive devices. They require upkeep to work properly. Bring them into us for periodic checkups in our Leesburg, Virginia office.
  • Hearing Aid Repair- Repair services for hearing aids are available, including cleaning, replacing the battery, replacing the battery door, replacing the wax filter, and checking your device input settings.
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning: Earwax, moisture, and other debris can affect how your hearing aids work. Thorough cleaning by hearing aid experts a few times a year can safely and effectively remove debris without harming your devices.
  • Battery Sales: Don’t trust your hearing to discount batteries. High-quality hearing aid batteries can help eliminate some performance problems. We sell them at cost in our Leesburg office.
  • Annual Testing: Hearing loss can worsen as years go by. Your hearing aids may need adjustments to keep up and ensure you’re hearing properly. An annual hearing test can help us determine which adjustments need to be made or whether it’s time for a new device.

At Leesburg Family Hearing, your hearing health care is important to us. That’s why we’ve offered a full-range of follow-up and maintenance hearing aid services to the Leesburg, Virginia area since 2007. We care about improving your life. Come see for yourself when you make an appointment at our Leesburg, Virginia office today.